the optimum position for operating alignment :

ALPHAPAD® Hydraulic jack system

the optimum position for operating alignment

ALPHAPAD® Hydraulic jack system

Many rotating machines have no proper provision for aligning the whole unit once it has been installed, so regrouting these machines can cause a major problem.

How can they be supported, and then aligned accurately once the grout has been removed?

The answer is the ALPHAPAD® hydraulic jack system, which is a series of purpose-designed hydraulic jacks, with associated special fittings and pumps, which allow the machine to be securely supported during the grout removal operation, and then easily adjusted into the optimum position for operating alignment prior to grouting. After the grout has cured, the pressure in the ALPHAPAD® cylinder is released, and the loading is transferred to the grout when the anchor bolts are tightened.

ALPHAPAD®s are also available for use as soleplates, where the machine owner wishes to have the option of alignment adjustment after grouting.


Lifting/support capacities to 100 tonnes per unit

Easily installed during the grout removal stage

Powerful adjustment capability for warped frames

Accurate levelling together with precision optics