rapid cure in most conditions :

ALPHATEC® 240 Epoxy putty compound

rapid cure in most conditions

ALPHATEC® 240 Epoxy putty compound

ALPHATEC® 240 is a solvent free, epoxy putty compound designed for ease of hand mixing with its 1:1 ratio by volume, and rapid cure in most conditions, including underwater.

It is widely used for sealing forms for grout containment, on steel or concrete and for crack sealing where injection pressures are low.

ALPHATEC® 240 is green with semi-gloss finish after mixing. It displays excellent resistance to corrosion in marine environments, freshwater, water pipes, and tanks. Moreover, it can be used as electrical insulation.


1:1 mix ratio by volume

Rapid cure in most conditions

Colour change indication of complete mixing

Good adhesion to most surfaces