Restoring grout on footings of an HTF tank

Restoring grout on footings of an HTF tank

Renewable Energy

The HTF liquid tanks undergo a continuous process of contraction/expansion due to temperature changes, in addition to large variations in the amount of liquid they store, producing cyclic efforts in the supports.

The anchoring+insulation system used for the moving supports on this tank was thoroughly deteriorated. The insulation part was designed and built using two different materials: two insulation plates and one cement grout which add up to approximately 110mm in thickness. The anchoring is based on four M64 anchor bolts per footing, having three supports.

In situ, our team observed that the saddle, the steel plate and the insulation layers moved conjointly. This fact added dynamic friction to the crack party, degrading further and faster the insulating material. In addition, the steel base plates were installed without rounded corners and act as stress concentrators.

We carried out a complete regrout with the use of epoxy grout ALPHATEC® 800 and using our hydraulic levelling system ALPHAPAD® we worked with the tank in place and allowed us to even realign it.

Project data


UTE Andasol III

Final user

Marquesado Solar


Restoring grout on footings of a HTF tank


31WTE22 BB001 VESSEL 400 m3

Work period

11-17 February 2015


Aldeire Granada, Spain


Renewable Energy