High-performance with low-viscosity epoxy grout :

ALPHATEC® 808 Low-viscosity Epoxy Grout

High-performance with low-viscosity epoxy grout

ALPHATEC® 808 Low-viscosity Epoxy Grout

ALPHATEC® 808 is a low-viscosity, high-performance version of ALPHATEC® 800.

The resin component has been modified for better flow into smaller spaces, but will still exhibit the excellent mechanical and chemical properties of the ALPHATEC® 808 (AT-800).

This grout material was specifically formulated to support heavy machinery on concrete foundations, and when used correctly, will ensure the transfer of static and dynamic loads into the inertia block.

It is widely used in repair work and for new installations of; diesel engines, reciprocating compressors, electric motors, pumps, blowers, fans, rolling mills, presses, turbines, and many other types of rotating and reciprocating machinery.


High physical properties

Excellent creep resistance

Negligible shrinkage on cure

Oil and chemical resistant