excellent workability :

ALPHATEC® 741 Fast curing epoxy patching mortar

excellent workability

ALPHATEC® 741 Fast curing epoxy patching mortar

ALPHATEC® 741 is a fast curing epoxy patching mortar for application on wet concrete surfaces.

It has excellent workability, and the non-slump characteristics are such that 20 to 30 mm can be applied overhead on a flat surface without sagging. ALPHATEC® 741 is supplied as a pre-measured 3 component kit, thus requiring no weighing of components in the field. ALPHATEC® 442 primer should be used for best adhesion.

ALPHATEC® 741 has been used to repair wharves, jetties, mooring dolphins, and various other marine structures, as well as concrete foundations in wet areas in steel mills and basements, among others.


Fast cure at ambient temps

Cures at temperatures down to 0 °C (32 ºF)

Very low water absorption

Slump resistant