to replace the steel packers and liners :

ALPHATEC® 170 Chock Grout

to replace the steel packers and liners

ALPHATEC® 170 Chock Grout

ALPHATEC® 170 is a three-component polymer grout system consisting of modified epoxy resin, chemical hardener, and a chemically-modified filler.

It is specially formulated for chock grouting to replace the steel packers and liners used under many different types of machinery.

ALPHATEC® 170 chock grouting can be used between steel surfaces, or between aggregate-filled epoxy grout and steel bases, in a sandwich approach.

ALPHATEC® 170 has been approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR) for use in chocking main propulsion engines in marine applications, as well as for miscellaneous deck machinery and auxiliaries.


Ease of use, 2-part mix

Good flow properties

Very high compressive strength (71GPa or 23.200 psi)

Good mechanical properties at high temperature