We take health and safety standards seriously :

Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Notices 10/08/2020

With the objective of maintaining high levels of health and safety in the workplace, Alphatec Engineering (Europe) Ltd. created a list of principles with 12 points. 

To put these principles into action, Alphatec Engineering (Europe) Ltd. has adopted five rules:

A) All company employees and associates agree that every activity will be carried out in such a manner as to avoid personal injury, loss or damage to equipment and materials, or to customer property.
B) The company will make available to everyone all the resources and information necessary to develop preventative measures for each activity.
C) The company will consult with all employees affected whenever a change or modification in procedures is considered.
D) Any accident occurring, whether on company premises, clients' plants, or during travel, will be thoroughly investigated, and procedures examined to determine whether changes are needed.
E) Each new employee will be trained in the overall health and safety program, and every employee whose job description changes will be retrained in the specific risk prevention methods pertaining to the new job.

Technical Director
Alphatec Engineering (Europe) Ltd.

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