Internationalization plan

Internationalization plan

Notices 30/06/2017

Project co-financed by the FEDER funds, within the FEDER Operational Program of the Valencian Community 2014-2020.

Alphatec Engineering is a company specialized in the repair and restoration of foundations of industrial machines and in the re-alignment and sealing of rotating machines.

Alphatec Engineering produces its own range of epoxy products, such as the Alphatec 800® for general use or the 300 series of injection resins, repair mortars such as Alphatec 741®, or epoxy mortars for specific use such as Alphatec 130®, resistant at high temperatures.

In addition to the innovative range of resin-based products of the ALPHATEC® brand, we have a range of mechanical products, such as the specially designed hydraulic support or jack, called ALPHAPAD®.

Our key personnel are engineers who visit customers, inspect existing facilities, make recommendations for repair work, and then supervise project execution.

Objectives and results:

Because we have recommendations from important companies in strategic sectors, we have carried out commercial actions in geographical areas such as the EU, Asia-Pacific, Maghreb, Central Africa, and South America.

In 2017 we carried out major repair projects, the ones carried out in Germany, Belgium, and the Mariana Islands being remarkable.

In 2017 Alphatec has collaborated in several projects that are currently under development or study.

During this year we have received the support of IVACE (Aid for Internationalization 2017), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Grant awarded: 5,760 Euros.

We thank all our business partners for the trust in our company.

This achievement has been the result of the efforts of our entire organization, which guarantees our customers our commitment to the quality of our products and services.

Technical Director
Alphatec Engineering SL

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The Alphatec Engineering Group of Companies was established in 1977. It started as an association between two individuals interested in solving machine foundation problems. More than 40 years have passed and we continue to grow, providing services throughout the world ...

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