Certified supplier to the Oil & Gas Industry of Oman

Certified supplier to the Oil & Gas Industry of Oman

Notices 16/07/2019

We have the pleasure to announce that Alphatec Engineering has been registered on JSRS —Joint Supplier Registration System— as a certified supplier to the Oil & Gas Industry of Oman.

JSRS Supplier Code: ES100048

National Business Framework, NBF number: 14416

We will glad to offer our PRODUCTS & SERVICES to companies in Oman that will need our professionality and experience.

ALPHATEC ENGINEERING S.L. is specialized in the repair and restoration of foundations of industrial machines and in the re-alignment and sealing of rotating machines. We have long experience in repairing & consolidating concrete foundations under rotating machines in the petrochemical industry (turbines, generators, pumps, compressors, and auxiliary assets).


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About Alphatec Engineering

The Alphatec Engineering Group of Companies was established in 1977. It started as an association between two individuals interested in solving machine foundation problems. More than 40 years have passed and we continue to grow, providing services throughout the world ...

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